Licensed asbestos scaffolding

When do I need to use licensed asbestos scaffolding?

According to the Approved Code of Practice L143 Work with Materials Containing Asbestos licensed scaffolding would be required when “putting up and taking down scaffolding, including any scaffolded frame, to provide access for licensable work where it is foreseeable that the scaffolding activity is likely to disturb the asbestos”.

For example licenced scaffolding would be required when scaffolding is required in a boiler room where the scaffold design is complex, in a restricted space and erected very close to asbestos-containing materials, or during alterations or adaptions within a live enclosure.

How can Peligro help me?

Peligro hold and Asbestos ancillary licence no. 192005926. We are therefore licenced to undertake scaffolding and associated works within an asbestos environment.

For more information on our specialist access services contact us on 0114 212 5505 or email [email protected].

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