Asbestos Surveys

Is asbestos dangerous?

The HSE reports that Asbestos is the biggest killer in the workplace with over 4,000 deaths per year caused by Asbestos-related disease. You, as a business owner or manager, have a ‘Duty to Manage’ Asbestos correctly.

Is it a legal requirement to identify and manage asbestos?

The duty to manage is directed at those who manage non-domestic premises: the people with responsibility for protecting others who work in such premises, or use them in other ways, from the risks to ill health that exposure to asbestos causes.

What do I do if I think I have asbestos in my building?

The first thing you should do is carry out a asbestos management survey of the building. This survey will identify any asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) which could be damaged and disturbed during the life of the building. A management survey may involve some disturbance and damage to the building as samples may need to be taken to determine if they are ACM’s. This survey will result in asbestos report being produced which will provide an asbestos register identifying where asbestos has been found or is suspected and what type of asbestos was present. This survey can then be used to help manage asbestos within the building going forward.

If you are intending to refurbish a building, then a refurbishment survey should be carried out before any work commences. This type of survey is intrusive, and the building will generally need to be vacated prior to the survey taking place.

An asbestos demolition survey will need to be carried out prior to any demolition works. This type of survey is also intrusive and will generally require the building to be evacuated prior to the survey.

How can Peligro help me?

Peligro provide an efficient and cost-effective service that provides a solution to your Asbestos Management needs. Our team have a wealth of experience within the industry and can provide a wide range of services including:

  • Asbestos Management Surveys
  • Asbestos Refurbishment & Demolition Surveys
  • Asbestos Reports
  • Asbestos Risk Assessment
  • Asbestos Register
  • Asbestos Analysis
  • Asbestos Sampling
  • Asbestos Management and Consultancy

Our proprietary survey software allows us to not only carry out a survey, inputting the details online whilst we are on-site, it also provides clients with an essential tool for managing asbestos, particularly across large portfolios. We provide our clients with a login to our client portal. From there, clients can see all of their properties, all of their reports, and can interrogate the system. Reports can be generated by site, location, floors, by material type, or for positive samples only. This is essential when providing information for contractors working in a specific area of a particular site.
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Why Peligro?

Peligro offer a fresh bespoke approach to health and safety consultancy. We have the skills, experience and flexibility to meet the ever changing demands of health and safety within your business. We set out to make sure you comply with health and safety legislation with the minimum of fuss and leave the owner/manager time to focus on those areas they prefer to work on.

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Merger Announcement!

Safe Track Associates Limited and Peligro Risk Management Group have merged! This merger has enabled the two companies to combine their unique market knowledge and assets into a single stronger company that can better serve the needs of our new and existing customers. Both companies share resources and are familiar with each other’s products and services which has facilitated a smooth transition.  

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“By combining our two great companies that share common roots and market goals, we are positioned to make a positive difference in even more clients through our expansion,” says Managing Director, Leigh Johnston. “Our team of professionals are prepared to deliver the very best health and safety services to our existing and new clients.”