What is an ISO Management System?

A management system is a way in which an organization manages the interrelated parts of its business in order to achieve its objectives. These objectives can relate to a number of different topics, including product or service quality, operational efficiency, environmental performance, health and safety in the workplace and many more.

The level of complexity of the system will depend on each organization’s specific context. For some organizations, especially smaller ones, it may simply mean having strong leadership from the business owner, providing a clear definition of what is expected from each individual employee and how they contribute to the organization’s overall objectives, without the need for extensive documentation. More complex businesses operating, for example, in highly regulated sectors, may need extensive documentation and controls in order to fulfil their legal obligations and meet their organizational objectives.

Why might I need a Management System?

Home working is becoming increasingly popular both for employees and employers. Employers benefit from the cost savings of offices and facilities, employees benefit from flexible working and not having to commute to work everyday, saving them valuable time and money. Although the ‘home office’ is within the employees home, they are still ‘at work’. All employers have a duty of care to their employees wherever they may be working. Home working, by it’s very nature is remote meaning employers have difficulty ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their employees whilst they are at work. A happy and healthy employee is a productive employee.

What problems might people working from home encounter?

ISO 9001 – Quality management standards to help work more efficiently and reduce product failures.

ISO 14001 – Environmental management standards to help reduce environmental impacts, reduce waste and be more sustainable.

ISO 45001 – Health and safety standards to help reduce accidents in the workplace.

How can Peligro help?

We are committed to providing you with an Integrated Management System which is not only adequate for passing certification audits of ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001 – our Lead Auditor certified training means that we apply the auditor insight to the preparation and installation of the systems – we also aim to work with you to design a system which works for you and your organisation!

For further information please contact Peligro on 0114 212 5505 or email enquiries@peligro.co.uk.

Why Peligro?

Peligro offer a fresh bespoke approach to health and safety consultancy. We have the skills, experience and flexibility to meet the ever changing demands of health and safety within your business. We set out to make sure you comply with health and safety legislation with the minimum of fuss and leave the owner/manager time to focus on those areas they prefer to work on.

Call us at 0114 212 5505 or email us at enquiries@peligro.co.uk

Merger Announcement!

Safe Track Associates Limited and Peligro Risk Management Group have merged! This merger has enabled the two companies to combine their unique market knowledge and assets into a single stronger company that can better serve the needs of our new and existing customers. Both companies share resources and are familiar with each other’s products and services which has facilitated a smooth transition.  

Official communication is through Peligro Risk Management Group. Contact details can be found on the website www.peligro.co.uk To see what we have been up to or to contact us via social media, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn  

“By combining our two great companies that share common roots and market goals, we are positioned to make a positive difference in even more clients through our expansion,” says Managing Director, Leigh Johnston. “Our team of professionals are prepared to deliver the very best health and safety services to our existing and new clients.”