Principal Designer

What is a Principal Designer?

The Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM) looked to build on the successes of the previous version by introducing a new Duty Holder called the Principal Designer. This position replaced the former role of the CDM Coordinator, giving the Principal Designer responsibility for the co-ordination of health and safety during the pre-construction phase.

The Principal Designer is the organisation appointed by the Client for a project to control and manage the pre-construction or design phase of a construction project. The pre-construction phase is defined in the CDM Regulations as ‘any period of time during which design or preparatory work is carried out for a project and may continue during the construction phase’.

Principal Designers perform an important role within a construction project team, as they are able to influence and control how risks to Health and Safety are managed and monitored during a project. Design decisions made during the early phases of a project can impact on the delivery of a project by ensuring high standards of health, safety and welfare are maintained, as well as assisting in reducing delays and lowering overall costs of the project.

Do I need a Principal Designer?

A Principal Designer is required when a project is reasonably foreseen to involve more than one Contractor. It is important to note that the appointment of the Principal Designer by the Client must be done in writing and cannot be presumed. If the Client fails to make the appointment, they themselves will be considered Principal Designer for the purposes of the Regulations.

All Designers involved on a project have a duty to ensure the Client is aware of their duties under the Regulations and as such must advise the Client that a Principal Designer needs to be formally appointed.

Peligro can undertake the role of Principal Designer as an organisation, or on behalf of a Designer as CDM Advisor. Please call us to find out how we can support your project on 0114 212 5505 or email

How can Peligro help me?

Peligro can provide a Principal Designer to all size of project. We provide:

  • Advice and assistance to client’s to ensure they are fully aware of their duties and meet their obligations.
  • Competence checks on designers, contractors and sub contractors prior to them being appointed on behalf of the client.
  • Notification to the Health & Safety Executive both during the initial design stages and prior to any construction works commencing.
  • Production of pre-construction information to designers and contractors.
  • Co-ordination of health and safety aspect of design and provide a proactive risk management approach with the potential to save money, time and resources.
  • Facilitation of good communication between the client, designers and contractors.
    Liaison with principal contractor regarding on going design.
  • Preparation of Health & Safety file at the end of the project covering all the major health and safety issues.

In addition to the above, we also recommend and can provide on site monitoring of the Principal Contractor to ensure they are working in a safe manner and in accordance with current legislation.

For further information relating to the role of the Principal Designer please contact Peligro on 0114 212 5505 or email

Why Peligro?

Peligro offer a fresh bespoke approach to health and safety consultancy. We have the skills, experience and flexibility to meet the ever changing demands of health and safety within your business. We set out to make sure you comply with health and safety legislation with the minimum of fuss and leave the owner/manager time to focus on those areas they prefer to work on.

Merger Announcement!

Safe Track Associates Limited and Peligro Risk Management Group have merged! This merger has enabled the two companies to combine their unique market knowledge and assets into a single stronger company that can better serve the needs of our new and existing customers. Both companies share resources and are familiar with each other’s products and services which has facilitated a smooth transition.  

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“By combining our two great companies that share common roots and market goals, we are positioned to make a positive difference in even more clients through our expansion,” says Managing Director, Leigh Johnston. “Our team of professionals are prepared to deliver the very best health and safety services to our existing and new clients.”