Working from home

Why do employers need to carry out homeworker assessments?

Home working is becoming increasingly popular both for employees and employers. Employers benefit from the cost savings of offices and facilities, employees benefit from flexible working and not having to commute to work everyday, saving them valuable time and money. Although the ‘home office’ is within the employees home, they are still ‘at work’. All employers have a duty of care to their employees wherever they may be working. Home working, by it’s very nature is remote meaning employers have difficulty ensuring the safety and wellbeing of their employees whilst they are at work. A happy and healthy employee is a productive employee.

What problems might people working from home encounter?

In addition, employees suffering injury or ill health may seek compensation from their employers. Homeworkers face a number of risks including;

  • Upper limb disorders from incorrect work station equipment or set up
  • Eye strain
  • Slip/trip & falls
  • Electric shocks
  • Fire
  • Stress
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning

Establishing a healthy and safe working environment for lone workers can be different from organising the health and safety of other employees. They should not be put at more risk than other people working for you. It will often be safe to work alone. However, the law requires employers to think about and deal with any health and safety risks before people are allowed to do so.

How can Peligro help me?

Peligro have a team of trained and experienced Homeworker safety assessors. We currently carry out Homeworker assessments throughout the UK and Europe for clients that wish to fulfil their duties under the various regulations.
There are a number of basic checks that should be carried out within the Homeworker’s working environment. During the course of our assessments, our assessors will verify that these checks are taking place and advise the employee accordingly where further knowledge is required. These checks include.

  • Monthly testing of smoke detection
  • Annual smoke detector battery replacement
  • Monthly checks on first aid kit contents
  • Annual service of gas boiler
  • Quarterly RCD functionality test
  • Regular visual inspection of electrical equipment
  • Visual inspection of fire extinguisher

The homeworker assessment looks at issues such as fire safety and electrical safety. The assessor will look at the workstation focusing on the desk, the chair, the keyboard, the mouse, the screen, and the general environment
Were a homeworker is a new or expectant mother, our assessors will consider the risks that may arise from any process, working condition, or physical, biological or chemical agents. Some of the more common risks are.
For further information please contact Peligro on 0114 212 5505 or email [email protected].

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